The Arctic represents one of the most daunting frontiers for sovereignty protection, resource exploration, marine infrastructure development and transportation. Exploration and production activities in such a harsh environment require novel solutions to manage extreme cold temperatures and large ice loads. The structural and system requirements for sustained operations in high-latitude areas pose a considerable challenge for design teams. Oceanic has aided in the development of many innovative solutions for operations in Arctic conditions. Oceanic offers world-class capabilities for experimental research and numerical simulation in Arctic Engineering and ice modelling. This expertise has been successfully applied to projects from the frigid northwest Atlantic through the high Arctic to the Sea of Okhotsk off Sakhalin Island.


Global exploration of offshore oil resources poses ever-increasing challenges for designers of offshore platforms. Operations in cold regions, where threats posed by ice are often exacerbated by extreme seas, are particularly challenging. Remote locations pose even greater risks to crews since the evacuation of personnel in such extreme conditions is more dangerous and difficult. Deep water further magnifies the challenges by increasing the significance of the hydrodynamics of the mooring and sub-sea systems. Oceanic has access to a wide range of physical modeling facilities to evaluate concepts and designs for operations in the difficult offshore environment.


Maritime trade is vital to a healthy and vibrant global economy. Vessel owners and operators are taking advantage of commercial research and development to improve vessel performance, reduce environmental impacts, reduce fleet operating costs, mitigate the risks of maritime accidents, as well as open new ports, passages, and frontiers. Through a combination of physical modeling and numerical methods, Oceanic provides its clients with the most comprehensive suite of scientific research, development, and evaluation services.


The sailing and high-speed motor yacht industry pushes the envelope of faster, bigger, better. Because designers are regularly being challenged to outperform past successes, hydrodynamic performance predictions become a critical factor in mitigating risks and achieving success for projects with enormous stakes. This requires a broad range of expertise, facilities, and technologies.

Oceanic offers its clients access to the world’s most accurate yacht dynamometer, state-of-the-art software technologies, and world class experimental facilitates - all aimed at helping meet client needs.